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 is is a wonderful collection of stories - evocative, poignant, and re ective. Ranging from Baghdad to Roundhay, the narratives present beautiful vignettes that capture moments in time in all their fullness and meaning.  ere is a steady calm about these tales, a sense of measured perspective informed by a deep recognition of common humanity.  is is a collection to be savoured and enjoyed

Tales of the Near and Far

by Fuad Matthew Caswell

£10.00 inc. p&p

Cognition and Expression

Paintings collections

by Li Kongpin

£20 (inc. p&p)

A Serendiptous Handthology

A collection of poems by

Serendipity Creative Writers

£8.99 (inc. p&p)

Love Lies Bleeding

Memoirs of a Sexual Revolutionary

By: Janis Hetheringtovfadwan

£8.00 (inc. p&p)

This book is a collection of 'popular' Arab saws and epithets, with an introduction dealing with the relationship between the classical and the demotic forms of Arabic, and the social, cultural and political consequences of that. The book is readable, entertaining and would engage the interest of the general reader

Voices Of The Arab Streets

By: F. Matthew Caswell

£15.00 (inc. p&p)

Stefan is the dramatisation of a notorious miscarriage of justice in which Stefan Kiszko served 16 years in prison after he was wrongly convicted of the assault and murder of an eleven-year old girl. The protagonist is his mother Charlotte, a working class immigrant widow; she waged a one woman campaign to secure the freedom of her only son which eventually came about when it was forensically established that he could not have committed the offences.

Philip Larkin

An Outsider Poet

By: Fadhil Assultani

£8.00 (inc. p&p)

The two main characters in this small novel have conflict between Soul and faith. A Muslim Arab wealthy man (the Sheikh), who’s visiting Brighton in search of Julian Smith; the detective he hired back home (via the Internet) to find his teenage son, and an English postman who volunteered to help the Sheikh in this issue. Both struggle with their own confused inner .. click to read more..

The Sheikh's Detective

By: Arif Alwan

£8.00 (inc. p&p)

Abū Nuwās was a great Arabic poet whose poetry encapsulated the society of his time. It has now been twelve centuries since Abū Nuwās composed words as he trod the streets of Baghdad. For most of that period, major parts of his work were censored by state and mosque. It’s only recently that the suppressed material has been allowed to see the light of day, and this new translation of the known khamriyyāt faithfully reflects the original.

The Khamriyyat Of Abu Nuwas

By: F. Matthew Caswell

£15.00 (inc. p&p)

This is a true story of a child born into a Middle Class (albeit  dysfunctional) family in Middle Class Home Counties England in the Middle of the last century who came to be anything but ‘Middling’. As the Child attempts to .. click to read more..
A satirical swipe at Local Government, with an oblique nod to Kafka. The issue of penile dysfunction is a sympathetic one, but the author employs a deliberately sexist tone, making a mockery of the woman’s perspective. My overall impression is of a male opinion piece masquerading as fiction. As always, fiction is a matter of taste. Alice Frances – Book reviewer

Sticky Trap Street

By: A. Alwa

£8.00 (inc. p&p)

“Born in Chechnya” is an autobiographic novel. It depicts the ethnic contradictions during the escalation of Chechen conflict. The narrator revisits historic aspects of its roots. The novel deals with the inevitability of ethical choices made by its central characters.  Sofia, a local Russian professional woman .. click to read more..

Born In Chechnya

By: Olga McPhail

£8.00 (inc. p&p)

A collection of short stories inspired by different cultures (Middle Eastern and European), and derived from different historical periods (World War I, World War II, the Cold War; and the present time).

The Menashi’s Boy

By: F. Matthew Caswell

£10.00 (inc. p&p)

This extraordinary novel fuses Darwinian science fiction, Gothic horror and small-town low-life. It is a surreal, futuristic nightmare about the attempt of a young single mother to escape from the squalor of the actual into a "utopian" (but actually dystopian) world ruled by vampires .. click to read more ..


the queen of Baghdad

by Fuad Matthew Caswell

£6.99 (inc. p&p)

This fast-paced highly symbolic tale takes us into the hearts and minds of Kurdish freedom fighters. We meet characters who are driven by the passion for a lover, for political domination, for survival, and for the love of family. A series of unusual first person narrators brings the reader deep into life in harsh terrain facing harsher political realities, where betrayal can and often does mean death. We experience the struggle of an entire people fight- ing against a repression so severe that many cannot even read in their native language, causing a symbolic deafness amongst these victims of circumstance.

When Fish Get Thirsty

By: Helim Yusiv

£8.00 (inc. p&p)

The history of courtesans and slave girls in the medieval Arab world transcends traditional boundaries of study and opens up new fields of sociological and cultural enquiry. In the process it offers a remarkably rich source of historical and cultural information on medieval Islam. 'The Slave Girls of Baghdad' explores the origins, education and art of the 'qiyan' - indentured girls and women who entertained and entranced the caliphs and aristocrats.

The Slave Girls Of Baghdad

By: F. Matthew Caswell

£25.00 (inc. p&p)

Ahmed and his friends are poor unemployed youths, in the town of Igandu. They live for the cinema and the cowboy films. They mimic the cowboys by dressing, acting, and trying to talk like cowboys. They dream of being cowboys.  They form a gang and call themselves “The Cowboys”.. click to read more..

Three Master Musicians

By: F. Matthew Caswell


Stefan and Other Plays

By: F. Matthew Caswell


Worth Their Weight In Blood

By: Carole Jahme

£8.00 (inc. p&p)

African Cowboy

By: Philip Phil-Ebosie


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Twelfth Night, the fifth of January, is when all Christmas decorations should be removed so as not to bring bad luck upon the home.  Long ago it was thought that leaving the decorations up would cause .. click to read more ..

Christmas Presence

By: Daniel M Warloch

£4.00 (inc. p&p)

She locked herself away in her flat as she mourned for her father. The moving trains were her only link to the outside world, an incessant reminder of its presence beyond the kitchen window. But an instinct for survival stirred within her, much to her surprise and she lavished care on her child… (P223)

Divine Names

by Luay Abdul-Ilah


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