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Questions from authors:

Will my book be available online and in print and e-book via Amazon UK and Amazon U.S. too?

We sell our books via many online bookstores, but NOT  Amazon, for ethical reasons.

However, you, as an author, can sell your book on Amazon directly, without our involvement in any way.  

Will Mira's books reach bookstores both in the UK and the US?

Yes. Our mission is to reach out to every country in the world. We do not restrict ourselves to Amazon. We  use local bookshops, distributors and universities worldwide.

What distribution channels do you use?

Many online bookshops, local bookshops, Universities, Nielsen Books, Gardner Distribution, CentralBooks Distribution, SilverMine International Distribution and many others.

Would I buy copies from you and then resell them?

You will have 15 free copies. And then you can buy more copies at a discount of 40% from the most current UK catalogue list price.

How will my book be promoted?

We send copies to newspapers, libraries, universities and individual book reviewers.

Organise Book Signing events for some authors.

Exhibit at London book fair and other local and relevant fairs.

Google ads and social media.

We always welcome and embrace new and successful ways of promotion.

Will the copyright be in my name or Mira's?

Copyrights are for Mira Publishing House. It is a Community Interest Company …

If Mira Publishing House ceases to operate, what will happen to the book?

The copyrights will go back to the authors or their next of kin.

After the book appears in print, would it then be available in e-format such as: Kindle, Nook, and so on?

Yes. If the author resquest so.

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We develop and adopt the best technical solutions to make books available for all. 

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