What we do

We publish fiction and non-fiction based on contemporary topics

We carefully select our titles to enrich international literature

We give opportunities to fresh, young talents in writing

We try to bridge the cultural gaps between nations by publishing books from different countries

We give fair deals to authors who publish with us

We only publish in English languages 

We work towards making the books available and affordable to any reader

We are the exclusive distributor of our books and of some publishers and self-published authors

We use and support green publishing techniques

The company is fully ran be volunteers who are interested in the publishing industry

Our staff

Kathryn Thornley: A student at the University of Leeds who studies French and Spanish. She is an editor, blogger and writer with a particular interest in world folklore. Having lived in Spain and France for the last couple of years, she is settling back home in the UK and has plans to work on translation rights.

Cameron Tallant: is studying for a BA in Spanish and Italian from the University of Leeds. He currently lives in Ferrara, Italy where one of his favourite poets -Ariosto- lived and worked. He is enthusiastic about good literature and believes in the importance it has in culture and social progress.

Mira Fadwa Fadel: Is the founder of Mira Intelligent Read cic. She is a computer scientist, educator and a freelance journalist and translator. In her works, Fadwa combines both the technology and the literature, to help humanising the use of technology and utilising the technology to promote the worldwide human values.

Xanthe Pomeroy is currently studying English literature and Philosophy at the University of Leeds. She spent last year studying in Lille, France before moving to Paris to learn french. She particularly enjoys the children’s literature of France and Finland, such as Hergé’s Tintin, and Tove Jansson’s The Moomins.

Xiujing Liang: A lecturer at University of Leeds. She has a PH.D from Aalborg University in Denmark. Before that, she was the Chief Editor of Siyu Chinese Times, Manchester, UK. She worked on several research projects, including: "Migration and Ethnicity study, Overseas Chinese in UK and Europe" (ESRC project); “Cityscapes of Diaspora: Images and Realities of London Chinatown” (AHRC project) and "Exploring the Ethnic Identity of Overseas Chinese Community Leaders in Europe"  (a Ph.D. project funded by the Danish Ministry of Education.


Mira Mookerjee is currently a student at Leeds University studying English and Russian Civilisation. She has recently come back from travelling around Russia and is settling back into her final year at University. She is particularly interested in experimentalist & absurdist literature, such as works by Beckett, Dostoevsky, Serote and Kundera. Mira views good literature as having the ability to connect people, regardless of culture or time. She is passionate about making works from around the world more easily accessible to reading public.

Lucy Johnson: Joined the company in 2013. She’s a highly motivated translator, editor and blogger, with wealth of knowledge on the Middle East cultures. Lucy fluently speaks: Arabic, French, Spanish, Persian, and Greek.

Lucy holds MA Sociolinguistics of the Arab World and Master of Arts in Arabic and Spanish.

Paul Dixon: An electronics engineer, technical author and graphic designer. He has great passion to arts and technology. Paul has joined Mira Publishing in May 2013 as a  graphic designer and events organiser. Was heavily involved in organising Leeds First Book Fair 2013. www.genietags.com

Stephanie Warden is a Creative Writing and Drama graduate who has taught English as an additional language in Tokyo and Leeds. She is interested in contemporary fiction and improving literacy at a grassroots level. She wishes to instil a passion for reading and writing among those who find it least accessible.

About MiR

Mira Publishing House was founded as a non-for-profit Community Interest Company in 2011.

The idea of the company was initiated when Fadwa Mira Fadel –a computer scientist, developed an electronic device that helps disabled individuals to easily and efficiently enjoy any book. The device also prevents breaching the digital copyright of published materials as it provides high level of security.

The idea then extended to establishing Mira Intelligent Read (MiR) as a mother company that endorses innovative ideas related to the book industry.

In this respect, MiR tries to analyse the journey of the book, from its birth to its landing in the reader’s hand, identify the obstacles and find out the simplest and most affordable solution.

Our aim is to make the book available worldwide at affordable price and in various innovative means.

We welcome creative and serious volunteers who are prepared to put time and effort to support our community goals.


One Person With Passion Is Better Than Forty People Merely Interested